Animation, Special Effects and High-End 3D Graphics From BREAKIRON Animation&Design Add Vitality to Raleigh, N.C., and National Markets

RALEIGH, N.C. — Feb. 11, 2009 — BREAKIRON Animation&Design, LLC, today announced its initiative to expand support for the Raleigh, Durham and surrounding areas with animation, special effects and high-end, high-quality 3D graphics. The company specializes in rapid, on-time delivery on short- and long-term contracts for advertising, television, medical applications and the military. Owner Charlie Breakiron also intends to continue extending these services to a growing U.S. client base.

Breakiron established BREAKIRON Animation&Design in 2000. With nearly 20 years experience and national ranking as a pioneer in high-tech graphics, he brings artistic and technical expertise, extraordinary creativity, reliability and solid interpersonal skills to every engagement.

McKinney, an award-winning advertising agency based in Durham, is one of BREAKIRON Animation&Design’s satisfied clients. Breakiron’s recent work includes a number of high-end graphics projects promoting NASDAQ® , Virgin® Mobile and Sherwin-Williams® for McKinney.

“Our business relationship is seamless. Charlie is receptive, collaborative and extremely easy to work with, and he does good work. In the industry, they say you’ve got to pick two out of these three things: fast, cost-effective and good—but Charlie fulfills all three,” stated Naomi Newman, senior producer/VP at McKinney. “What I love about him is that he doesn’t have a great deal of overhead, and he has a lot of connections throughout the motion graphics community. There’s never been a job that I could not send to Charlie. He’s a go-to guy, and he always comes through.”

While expanding his company’s presence in Raleigh, Breakiron will keep offering services to graphics houses and the film industry on a national basis. Recently he created an underwater animated logo for Scitor through Arizona-based Green Rabbit Design Studio. Semerad (formerly Quiet Man) and Bodell Communications are also among his clients. Breakiron’s latest movie credit is digital effects artist for the animated family comedy Barnyard.

Kiven Head, writer/director of The Undertakers: Road’s End, a film currently in preproduction, asked Breakiron to join his team in 2008. Breakiron’s first task is animating scenes at the start of the film’s four-minute trailer, which features actor Richard Hatch.

“Charlie’s work is professional, well rendered and well animated. He knew what I was looking for instantly. We had a 15- to 20-minute conversation the first time we talked— and he nailed the concept. I’m really impressed, as I have been all along,” said Head, an experienced artist himself. “A conceptual artist really helps the director. When you’re bringing somebody else’s vision and artistic work into your vision, it helps to have someone talented like Charlie who will do research, figure out what you need and make it right the first time. He understands the full process of animation. He’s not going to tell you he can do something he can’t—and you find a lot of that in the animation industry. Charlie is somebody you can trust.”

Extremely well rounded, Breakiron has designed and animated action figures and has created animation for television commercials, military documentary reenactments and Web design projects. He has supported his industry by helping transform 2D organizations for 3D production and by instructing advanced animation students at the Art Institute of Phoenix in Arizona and the School of Communication Arts in Minneapolis.

“I like to over-deliver, making sure costs stay low while keeping talent and quality high,” said Breakiron, who works well under pressure. “For nearly 20 years, I’ve grown an extensive database of top-shelf talent ranging from purely creative to highly technical. I have the agility and scalability to handle large, complex and challenging projects of almost any kind. When I’m not hands-on, I’m directing the workflow. The final product is on time, every time.”

About BREAKIRON Animation&Design
BREAKIRON Animation&Design, LLC, delivers high-end 3D graphics and animation using the top-performing Softimage/XSI animation solutions. Industry-savvy and experienced, owner/3D veteran Charlie Breakiron has served leading graphics houses such as Omation Studios in California, Fox Animation Studios in Arizona, Semerad (formerly Quiet Man) in New York, Dallas-based Janimation and more. Breakiron performs well under pressure, and his high-quality work and outstanding creativity are critical assets to any production team. For additional information and samples, please call 919.523.8414 or visit

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