Quality 3-D Graphics and Animation from High-Tech Artist Charlie Breakiron Support Area Businesses, Ad Agencies

He Brought Special Effects to the Diamondback’s Logo — Now Breakiron Brings Arizona to Life

Phoenix, Arizona — Sept. 23 2002 — BREAKIRON Animation&Design announced its initiative to extend high-end, high-quality graphics and animation to Arizona businesses. Experienced international freelance artist Charlie Breakiron now offers his quality 3-D graphics and animation expertise for advertising, instructional design, multi-media business applications, video and more.

“With the tremendous advances in computer simulation technology in recent years, the benefits for practical, educational, recreational and therapeutic applications are seemingly endless,” stated James Goulakos, vice president of Internet Services for Kinetic-e, a business application software development company located in Scottsdale, Arizona. “Charlie Breakiron has leveraged those technological advances for quite some time and has a firm grasp on how to put computer technology to practical use for his clientele.”

From his work on the Blue Line Guy for the AT&T television commercial to depictions of intricate laser angioplasty procedures, Breakiron applies his skills to a remarkably broad range of projects. His work speaks for itself — when creating the movie Titan AE, Fox Animation Studios selected Breakiron to fully depict the earth’s explosion using his 3-D animation prowess.

Recently Breakiron partnered with Metropolitan Audio-Visual, Inc., a Scottsdale-based video production company. The mission, accomplished in four days, was to create the special effects on the Diamondback’s logo now visible on Bank One Ball Park’s JumboTron monitor.

“Deadlines and pressure never seem to bother Charlie — he goes the extra mile to develop the finest end product on time. He is wonderful to work with,” said Bob Goldstein, producer, Metropolitan Audio-Visual. “Sometimes creative people cling to their own ideas. While Charlie is extremely creative, he is also wonderfully receptive to exchanging ideas and arriving at the best one. He’s a good communicator.”

Additional local projects include computerized set and lighting design for a Maricopa Institute for Arts and Entertainment Technology (MIAET) production, and 3-D work for Bizzarro Films, Hattaway Creative and Green Rabbit.

“I’ve been through the rigors of technical training,” Breakiron stated. “But I want my clients to know that I have more to offer — if they want to delve into that creative pool, it runs deep.”

Breakiron spent four years with leading design software vendor Softimage, which provides top development solutions for feature films, commercial/broadcast, cartoons, games and interactive markets. Breakiron served in many capacities, including conducting 3-D demonstrations in Germany, Austria, London and Amsterdam, and troubleshooting software for the feature film industry — he helped solve production problems for Disney, Sony and other major filmmakers. Prior to working with Softimage, his career involved developing 2-D departments and organizations into successful 3-D production houses.

About BREAKIRON Animation&Design
Charlie Breakiron owns and operates BREAKIRON Animation&Design, a sole proprietorship delivering high-end 3-D graphics and animation using the top-performing Softimage animation solutions. Industry-savvy and experienced, 14-year veteran Breakiron has served leading graphics houses such as: Fox Animation Studios (feature film Titan AE); Quiet Man in New York (AT&T, Disney); Janimation in Dallas (new Barney show, K-Mart); Metropolitan Audio-Visual (Diamondback logo effects) and more. Pixel Liberation Front (PLF) hired Breakiron for a video promoting the 3-D action/adventure game Medal of Honor. Breakiron performs well under pressure — his high-quality work and outstanding creativity are critical assets to any production team. For additional information and samples, please visit http://breakiron.com.

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