“We talked about how Chester is this cool guy with shades and personality, and they ran with it. BREAKIRON was perfect for capturing children and adults within the same spot. We have heard nothing but positive remarks from our family, friends, business associates and franchisees. I was looking for a production company to give us a great-looking, national-quality TV spot, and BREAKIRON was able to do just that.”
Maria Capparelli, Director of Marketing, East Coast Wings & Grill
“It was a very complicated project with a lot of moving pieces. BREAKIRON was phenomenal in listening to us and reacting to our needs. Their ability to work calmly under pressure took a lot of stress out of what is normally a very intense project. Their work was visually striking. The music is usually a huge obstacle, but the original music they composed was spot-on. They impressed us all around.”
Chris Glushko, Marketing Director, IAB

“From the perspective of my business, Locomation Inc., it’s essential that I partner with a company like BREAKIRON Animation&Design because it’s cutting edge. BREAKIRON makes my business look good and helps it grow. Together, we can push 3D to a place where it’s not gone before.”

Tim McCracken, Locomation Inc., Owner and Creative Director
“We have come to know Charlie as an animator who gets closely involved with the project he is working on, contributing his extraordinary talents to better the entire production. He has superlative skills and a diligent work ethic. His knowledge of animation enables him to quickly analyze what may be necessary to marry computer scenes to traditionally drawn scenes on either side, for excellent continuity of action and quality.”
Don Bluth

Producer/Director, Fox Animation Studios

“The glowing blue light and the holographic network that BREAKIRON Animation&Design created gave life to the first scene. Although the actors did a wonderful job, the real life and believability for that opening scene came from BREAKIRON’s work. They set the stage for the rest of the TAVVE commercial. We’re starting to see more drama portrayal and a very film-like look in advertising, so it was important to really nail that first scene. Choices were made to make it feel as if the men were a match for what they were trying to accomplish, such as the building they invaded and the gear they used. BREAKIRON’s part was making the men seem sophisticated, like they weren’t just your average criminals. Charlie Breakiron is an artist, but he works with a very accomplished sense of business skills, deadlines and important capabilities outside of the realm of creativity. He’s a creative professional. I was able to give him a fairly vague description of what we needed, a very rough 2D drawing, and the freedom and flexibility to create what he saw fit. It was exactly what I hoped for — because he listened and was able to interpret my needs and requirements.

There are those who are creative and those who function well under the pressure of a professional environment. Charlie Breakiron and his team do both of these things exceptionally well.”

Michael Back

Owner, Flying Frog Media

“With our song ‘Gorilla,’ our goal was to make more people aware that humans are poaching gorillas—there are now only 700 or so silverback gorillas left. We also wanted to call attention to the thousands of acres of rainforest plowed down daily. To make the most impact and reach an expanded demographic, we flipped the viewpoint from human to animal and we knew it had to be animated. Charlie Breakiron came highly recommended from Living Arts College in Raleigh, N.C. He’d worked on Barnyard and Titan A.E., and thankfully, he believed in our cause. That spoke volumes. He was also willing to work with us on a tight budget and crazy three-and-a-half-month deadline. BREAKIRON Animation&Design came through for us, and we’ve got an epic music video to show for it.”

Beaux Foy

Lead Singer and Frontman, Airiel Down

“Our business relationship is seamless. Charlie is receptive, collaborative and extremely easy to work with, and he does good work. In the industry, they say you’ve got to pick two out of these three things: fast, cost–effective and good—but Charlie fulfills all three. What I love about him is that he doesn’t have a great deal of overhead, and he has a lot of connections throughout the motion graphics community. There’s never been a job that I could not send to Charlie. He’s a go-to guy, and he always comes through.”

Naomi Newman

Senior Producer/VP, McKinney

“While working with Softimage, Mr. Breakiron’s performance was exemplary. He was an asset to our company.”

Sales Manager, Softimage

“BREAKIRON Animation&Design was wonderful to work with. The artists at BREAKIRON knew how to talk to us – but also how to listen to us. Using their experience, they helped augment the story we were trying to tell in the TAVVE commercial. I had something very particular in mind for the 3D element, but what BREAKIRON came up with was a thousand times better. The blue 3D graphic fit the overall story as if the element were part of the scene, which was exactly what the product needed. The 3D element looked organic, like it was a real hologram coming out of that prism and not just a visual effect. Our client was absolutely ecstatic with the end product. The 3D graphic really spoke to their needs because it was part of their sales team’s effort. When they saw the hologram, they were just blown away. They thought it was a brilliant implementation.

There are those who are creative and those who function well under the pressure of a professional environment. Charlie Breakiron and his team do both of these things exceptionally well.”

John Williams

Co-owner, Flying Frog Media

“Charlie became a key artist in the 3D department and created one of the most spectacular scenes in our production of Titan A.E., the blowing up of the earth.”

Gary Goldman

Producer/Director, Fox Animation Studios

“Charlie’s work is professional, well rendered and well animated. He knew what I was looking for instantly. We had a 15– to 20–minute conversation the first time we talked—and he nailed the concept. I’m really impressed, as I have been all along. A conceptual artist really helps the director. When you’re bringing somebody else’s vision and artistic work into your vision, it helps to have someone talented like Charlie who will do research, figure out what you need and make it right the first time. He understands the full process of animation. He’s not going to tell you he can do something he can’t—and you find a lot of that in the animation industry. Charlie is somebody you can trust.”

Kiven Head

Writer & Director, The Undertakers: Road’s End

“Animating our spacecraft helped greatly in visualizing the project. When it comes to space exploration of any kind, animation is extremely valuable in picturing and discussing elements of a mission. Charlie Breakiron’s ability to accurately depict our proposal is very important to us—we hope to continue our collaboration in the future. There are those who are creative and those who function well under the pressure of a professional environment. Charlie Breakiron and his team do both of these things exceptionally well.”

Laurie Leshin

Geologist and Chemist, Arizona State University, and Mars Mission Project Lead