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BREAKIRON Animation&Design LLC is a high‐end, award-winning animation, visual effects and 3D graphics company. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation as a key contributor to successful television, film, web, industrial, medical and corporate projects.

Our versatility and low overhead allow us to cover a broad spectrum of projects and to meet virtually any need, even when cost is a concern. We’re on target, on time and on budget. We handle large and small jobs by scaling to suit the project and deadline, and we often over-deliver.

We’re experienced team players who can lead effectively when needed.

Charlie Breakiron, owner and lead VFX artist at BREAKIRON Animation&Design


What is BREAKIRON Animation&Design?

BREAKIRON has its roots in Charlie Breakiron’s extensive experience as a freelancer and an instructor serving the industry in Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Koblenz, Germany.

For a number of years, BREAKIRON operated through Charlie’s participation onsite at major animation studios. After locating in Raleigh, North Carolina, he began assembling a group of top-shelf talent to handle large, complex projects for BREAKIRON clients.

Charlie’s experience in the industry enables him to quickly recognize superior creative talent and team potential. Versatility, an enhanced skill set, speed and efficiency are just a few of the benefits.

Today, the BREAKIRON team’s flexibility and agility enable it to quickly adapt to needs as markets and audiences change. The company has successfully completed projects with teams of multiple remote members engaged at once. The team structure allows for expansion as needed.

We talked about how Chester is this cool guy with shades and personality, and they ran with it. BREAKIRON was perfect for capturing children and adults within the same spot. We have heard nothing but positive remarks from our family, friends, business associates and franchisees. I was looking for a production company to give us a great-looking, national-quality TV spot, and BREAKIRON was able to do just that.

MARIA CAPPARELLI, Director of Marketing, East Coast Wings & Grill

Animating our spacecraft helped greatly in visualizing the project. When it comes to space exploration of any kind, animation is extremely valuable in picturing and discussing elements of a mission. Charlie Breakiron’s ability to accurately depict our proposal is very important to us— we hope to continue our collaboration in the future.

LAURIE LESHIN, Arizona State University

It was a very complicated project with a lot of moving pieces. BREAKIRON was phenomenal in listening to us and reacting to our needs. Their ability to work calmly under pressure took a lot of stress out of what is normally a very intense project. Their work was visually striking. The music is usually a huge obstacle, but the original music they composed was spot-on. They impressed us all around.

CHRIS GLUSHKO, Marketing Director, IAB

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